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Marumitsu Poterie (based in Seto, Aichi, JAPAN) provides tableware brands,
“STUDIO M’ “and “SOBOKAI”. We have been planning and designing such tableware as to make meals more delightful.

Here, a meal does not mean just eating, it includes the whole process from preparing and cooking to cleaning up.

To think about what to cook caring about people who eat.
To cook with your favorite tools.
To arrange food on matching tableware.
To eat delicious food.

To wash the dishes carefully and thoroughly.

“A meal” represents such a variety of enjoyable moments.
We are here to propose having delightful meal times with our tableware.

If you would like to buy our products, please download the catalogs (PDF) to take a look and then let us know the product code,
product name, and quantity for your order via email. You could also download the order sheet (Excel) and enter the product code
and quantity and then email us with an order sheet attachment.

In the case of overseas shipment, you need to pay for extra charges besides the product price. Extra Charges include: all the fees associated with bank transfer, a freight charge (a separate estimate to be given), a special packing charge and taxes or tariffs etc. (depending on a country).

<Note that we decline to ship your parcel to some countries or areas. >

STUDIO M’ is Marumitsu Poterie’s tableware brand for home use.

What roles do you want your tableware to play when it is used at home every day?

~What never bores you, amuses you in every way, is always here for your daily life. . . . .
Such tableware has been designed by us with “simple and rustic” features in mind.
Yes, that is STUDIO M’.

Design means both appearances and functionality.
When it comes to tableware, we care about the balance between
“the shape, size, materials, colors” and “ease in handling, enjoyment of food presentation”
For example, STUDIO M’ earthenware items are fascinating in that they give warm and rustic feelings
in appearance and texture.
On the other hand, they are a little difficult to handle in terms of the materials’ strength and absorbency.
First of all, we would really like to convey this idea:
“Having a meal is so enjoyable !!”
That is our passion, indeed.
Here, a meal does not mean just eating, it includes the whole process
from preparing and cooking to cleaning up.
“A meal” represents such a variety of enjoyable moments, we think.

Once we think about how meals can be more amusing and well-balanced,
it just occurs to us, so we brainstorm and then develop the ideas of our new products and
a correlation between our tableware and cooking.
We hope that our products evoke our enthusiasms as a tableware maker.
So, we would like the users to handle our tableware as well as their meals both with care and love .

Marumitsu Poterie would love to build a good relationship with each customer in the long term.
We value a dialog with our customers and constantly offer a wide range of
“simple and rustic tableware” which has been designed
with continued use and enjoyable aspects in mind.
At the same time, we are always here for your life filled with delightful meals, which is our mission.
So, let us help you have a quality meal time with our Studio M’ tableware.
SOBOKAI is Marumitsu Poterie’s tableware brand for professional use.

We design SOBOKAI tableware focusing on its form and texture in more detail
in order to present the character of our each client such as particular hotels, restaurants
(Western/Japanese/Asian food) and cafes.

SOBOKAI tableware (white porcelain, porcelain, earthenware) which creates a sophisticated impression
is more likely to be bigger in size being particularly aware of the beauty of margin
besides a lot of different size options.
Moreover, we offer not only basic shaped tableware but also amusingly deformed one.

We also consider the strength and good stacking performance of tableware required for business use
and work hard to research and develop the desirable shapes and materials etc.

Our SOBOKAI brand was launched based on this idea:
“Create such tableware as to be part of a meal in a proactive way !”

SOBOKAI tableware will encourage cooks to make challenging and new cuisine,
showcase their dishes in an elegant and gorgeous way, and allow the cooks and their guests
to have an even more delightful dinning time and space to be shared.

Marumitsu Poterie is willing to constantly make proposals to our current and future clients
in order to raise awareness of such possibilities that our SOBOKAI tableware has.
Marumitsu Poterie’s Special Exhibition
September 04-07, 2018

This autumn, we are holding a special exhibition for professionals at our store “MEALS ARE DELIGHTFUL” in Tokyo.
Whether you are an existing client or not, it is a unique opportunity to (re)discover our tableware brand “Studio M”.
Our sales team will be here to present our brand, advise you on our products, as well as help you think of a merchandising display.
We are looking forward to meeting with you

Date, time schedule, location

From September 4th to 7th, 2018 5 time a day during 1 hour 30 minute (estimated) at 10:00, at 12:00, at 14:00, at 16:00, and 18:00
MEALS ARE DELIGHTFUL (2-15-7, Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

To attend the event please complete the reservation form on our website or contact us at

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